Jolly Joseph: Exploring the Wiki, Age, and Biography of the Alleged Indian Suspect 2024

Jolly Joseph: Exploring the Wiki, Age, and Biography of the Alleged Indian Suspect

Jolly Joseph: Exploring the Wiki, Age, and Biography of the Alleged Indian Suspect -The name Jolly Joseph has gained significant attention as she became a trending topic. In October 2019, she captured headlines when she, along with her first husband Roy Thomas and mother-in-law, was found guilty of committing six murders using cyanide over 14 years. Jolly Joseph was arrested on charges related to the deaths of Law Annamma, her father-in-law Tom Thomas, and others.

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Jolly Joseph Wiki, Age, Biography: Meet An Indian Suspected Criminal Jolly Joseph

Jolly Joseph, also known as Joliyamma, gained infamy in the notorious murder case known as the Koodathayi murders. Born in 1972 in Vazhavara, Idukki, Kerala, she is alleged to be the main perpetrator in the murders of six of her family members spanning approximately 14 years.

The dark saga began in 2002 with the demise of her mother-in-law due to health issues. Suspicious deaths continued, including her father-in-law in 2008 and her husband, Roy Thomas, within three years. Concerns arose when Roy’s post-mortem revealed cyanide consumption, but local police initially ruled it as suicide without further investigation.

The mysterious deaths persisted, leading to more family members and relatives passing away. Jolly’s marriage to her second husband, Shaju Sakhariya, Roy’s cousin, raised additional suspicions.

The case took a turn when Roy’s real brother, Rojo Thomas, began investigating Jolly’s past. Discrepancies in her statements and post-mortem reports fueled suspicions, leading to a police investigation that uncovered around 50 inconsistencies. It was revealed that Jolly had falsely claimed employment at NIT.

After two months of investigation, Jolly Joseph was arrested, admitting to murdering all six family members with cyanide. She allegedly collaborated with individuals, including a jewelry shop employee named M. S. Mathew and a goldsmith named Praji Kumar, to obtain cyanide. Jolly’s motive was to gain control over the victims’ finances and property.

In 2023, Jolly sought discharge in the Kerala High Court citing insufficient evidence, but the plea was rejected. The court affirmed there was enough material on record to suspect her involvement in the murders.

The infamous case garnered widespread attention, featuring in TV series, documentaries, and podcasts, highlighting the shocking events surrounding Jolly Joseph’s alleged criminal activities.

A Netflix documentary series titled “Curry & Cyanide: The Jolly Joseph Case” was released on December 22, 2023. This series delves into the intricate and unsettling events surrounding the Koodathayi murders, offering viewers additional insights into the complexities of the case.

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