Matt Steffanina Finds Happiness with New Love After a Five-Year Relationship Ends 2024

Matt Steffanina Finds Happiness with New Love After a Five-Year Relationship Ends

Matt Steffanina Finds Happiness with New Love After a Five-Year Relationship Ends– Following the cancellation of his engagement with his longtime sweetheart and dance partner, Dana Alexa, Matt Steffanina has embraced a new chapter in his romantic life with Destiny Kaye. The dynamic street dance duo of Steffanina and Alexa, inseparable for five years, underwent a breakup that proved challenging for their fans, as their on-screen chemistry always captivated audiences.

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The dissolution of this dance partnership was particularly poignant for many aspiring dancers who found inspiration in the previously engaged choreographers. Despite the challenges, Steffanina has gracefully moved on from his ex-fiancée, now actively engaging in creating TikTok videos with his new partner.

Matt Steffanina’s Two-Year Romance Journey with Destiny Kaye

In a love story that began in July 2019, Matt Steffanina and Destiny Kaye have been savoring their romantic journey for almost two years. The official confirmation of their relationship came through Kaye’s heartfelt first-anniversary post on July 20, 2020, marking the inception of their connection.

Their romance made its public debut on Instagram on July 15, 2019, and shortly thereafter, the dance duo decided to make their relationship official. Since the announcement on July 20, both Steffanina and Kaye have consistently featured each other in their respective social media posts, showcasing the depth and joy of their shared journey.

Steffanina’s Past: Engaged to Dana Borriello Before Destiny Kaye

Matt Steffanina

In the chapters preceding his romance with Destiny Kaye, Matt Steffanina had a significant chapter with fellow dancer Dana Borriello, renowned as Dana Alexa in dance circles. Their journey spanned over five years, during which they were not only romantically involved but also engaged, sealing their commitment with rings exchanged in May 2012.

As previously engaged choreographers, Steffanina and Alexa showcased their chemistry in various dance competitions and even clinched victory as season 28 winners of The Amazing Race. The revelation of their breakup surfaced when Alexa shared a video in April 2020, shedding light on their engagement status at the time of parting ways.

In her video, Alexa expressed contentment with being single, emphasizing an amicable separation despite their long history together. Responding to inquiries about harboring resentment towards Steffanina, she clarified that she did not hate him. Instead, she unveiled her engagement to a new dancer, signaling a fresh start in her romantic journey. The couple not only shared a life together but also embarked on ventures such as Steffanina’s renowned dance academy.

Addressing the sensitive topic of her identity being tied to Steffanina, Alexa expressed a desire not to be solely defined as “Matt’s ex,” asserting her individuality. Yet, acknowledging societal perceptions, she acknowledged the likelihood of being labeled as such due to her gender. Despite the intricacies of their past, Alexa conveyed gratitude for the years shared with Steffanina and opted to respect their journey by refraining from delving deeper into her perspective on the relationship.

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