The current flag was designed by a 17-year-old ! Our current 50-star flag was designed as part of a high school project by 17-year old Robert Heff. It was 1958, and there were only 48 states at the time.

Ol’ man river ! “Ol’ Man River” is a famous song from Show Boat and as it happens, America knows a thing or two about old rivers.Many believe the New River is older than the continent of North America itself.

Someone is still collecting a Civil War pension ! The Civil War ended in 1865, but Irene Triplet is still collecting a pension. Her father served in the war which entitles Triplet, who is now almost 90 years old, to a survivor’s benefit of $73.13 a month.

Americans are a generous bunch? According to the World Giving Index, the United States is the most generous country in the world, based on a tally of charitable donations, volunteer hours, and a track record of reaching out to help others.

Where to shoot hoops with RBG !  Being a supreme court justice is undoubtedly a stressful job. One way they let off a little steam is with a friendly game of basketball. A storage room on the top floor of the Supreme Court was converted into a basketball court.

We don’t have an official language!

Most people assume English is the official language of the United States but the truth is, although that might be the case in many of the states, the federal government has never declared an official language.

Don’t stand too close to this volcano!

Geologists consider Mt Kilauea in Hawaii to be the most active volcano in the world because it has been erupting continuously for more than 35 years.The longest period the volcano has been inactive was the 18 years between 1934 and 1952.

We love our pizza ! It’s no secret that Americans love pizza, however, it might surprise you to learn that we eat enough pizza every day to cover 100 acres. Total it up and that’s 3 billion pizzas a year.

Sacagawea was a new mom !

Sacagawea is well-known for her important contribution as an interpreter and guide for Lewis and Clark’s Discovery Corp expedition in1805-1806. What many people forget is that Sacagawea gave birth just two months before the expedition and took her newborn son with her on the dangerous journey.