After 40 years of decline, stroke death rates are rising once again

Stroke mortality (in line with 100,000) plummeted from 88 to 31 for women and from 112 to 39 for men between 1975 and 2019

Total stroke deaths decreased regardless of the increase in age-adjusted probability because stroke rates skyrocket as people age

A ten percent reduction in the death rate for people age 75 could more than make up for a doubling of the death rate among people age 35

However, barring further improvements in stroke prevention or treatment, the latest numbers show that stroke deaths overall will increase as millennials age

Age-adjusted stroke deaths per 100,000 people bottomed out in 2014 and rose again in the last five years of the trial duration.

"Starting around 1960, the later you were born, the higher your risk of fatal ischemic stroke at any particular age," said Cande Ananth

Biostatistics in the Obstetrics-Gynecology branch. and Reproduction. Sciences at Rutgers Robert Timber Johnson University of Science, and lead author of the test.

"This study did not find a reason for this style, but other studies show that the main culprits are rising rates of obesity and diabetes."

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