After a fancy college career, Stetson Bennett is an NFL quarterback?

INGLEWOOD, Calif. "He's five foot eleven." At least that's what the Georgia roster says about Stetson Bennett. So maybe he's not even that tall.

He also says that he weighs one hundred and ninety which makes it easy along with his pace and quickness from him

Bennett finished one of the best runs on college records here Monday by leading the Bulldogs to back-to-back national championships 

Bennett finished 18 of 25 for 304 yards and four touchdown passes and another 39 yards and two rushing touchdowns.

He became absolutely exceptional. If Bennett went, say, 6-3, they would talk to me about him as the No. 1 universal pick in the 2023 NFL

This is possibly due to her top of him or perhaps a lingering doubt of the fact that he first became a Georgia bum

“People slept with Stetson Bennett for a long time,” Georgia head coach Kirby smart said. "He wants to have the opportunity to play

He won't look like the role of an NFL quarterback, but he also didn't look like the role of an SEC quarterback and ended up dominating

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