Al Roker celebrates Christmas with his own family after returning from the hospital: 'From our family to yours'

The sixty-eight-year-old Weather Today presenter celebrated Christmas on Sunday along with his wife Deborah Roberts, 62

and their children, Nick, 20, and daughter Leila, 24, plus daughter Roker's eldest, Courtney, 35. They were also joined through 

"From our own family to yours," Roker wrote on an Instagram photo from the holiday birthday party, including the hashtag "#merrychristmas."

In a sweet photo from the circle of relatives festivities, Roker, who is recovering from ongoing physical issues

sat tableside with his team as they all dressed in green Peanuts pajamas and ate what appeared to be a healthy breakfast. 

The pajamas were completed with photos of Snoopy and Woodstock, which complemented the pink tableware and the family's own Christmas decorations.

Roker had a big smile on his face as the family items were stacked in the next room with their rescue dog Pepper resting in the background.

In a second cover image within the post, Pepper can be seen in matching pajamas sitting on her hardwood floor.

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