Aubrey Plaza collects NBC Roots page on 'SNL' monologue with surprises from Joe Biden and Amy Poehler

Throughout his monologue, Plaza instructed the target market that he became Deleware and was "voted probably the most famous person" from that country beating out President Joe Biden.

Plaza said Biden sent him a video in which he says: “Aubrey, you are the most famous person in Deleware and there is no question about it. We are grateful

The actress then recalled being a web page on 30 Rock during her college years, saying, "I worked with the set design team here at SNL

the guys who do most of these top-tier units for the show, and I have to tell you they win Emmys, Tonys, they are some of the sickest perverts

Plaza recalled that as a website, she would also be giving tours of NBC studios, and proceeded to give a tour of Studio 8H.

Pages walked up on stage and gave Plaza her blazer telling them "you're going to host SNL someday" and then added, "Yeah, that's right."

While giving the tour of the studio, Plaza misinformed the ability to advertise that the studio was built in 1599 with the help of William Shakespeare

She at one point met Kenan Thompson, who asked her about her Starbucks order that she asked him for in 2004.

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