Bengals vs Patriots Prediction and Odds for Week Sixteen

The number does not count what the state of things is: the Cincinnati Bengals continue to triumph!

They are on a six-game winning streak and are looking to improve it to seven against England's brand new Patriots.

Sadly, while the general public believes in both of these groups, it usually stems from the fact that Bill Belichick said

"we're in Cincinnati" after the Chiefs disparaged the Patriots in Monday night football. in 2014.

The Patriots won the Wonder Bowl that season and "we're in Cincinnati" went down in the records.

A lot has changed since then, but. It's been the Bengals who have seen the Most Incredible Bowl these days 

and it's the Bengals who have the best odds of reaching the Notable Bowl. 

This game won't always be the layup some fans would think it will be, but hopefully it will move the stripes to eleven and four on the season.

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