'Betrayal' Review: The New Netflix Spinoff Secret Agent Series

As I perceive it, there are precisely two precise uses for a beginning in medias res.

Wear one - gift a scene so outlandish and full of bizarre information that curiosity is inevitable.

A man wakes up on the mattress. The camera pulls back to reveal that he is sleeping with Dr. Ruth.

The camera pulls back to show that the man and Dr. Ruth are surrounded by the carcasses of 50 adorable white rabbits.

The camera shake returned even further to show that the bed is definitely out in the open and on the commentary deck at the Empire State Building.

The man looks at Dr. Ruth. He is stressed. "GRANDMA?!?" she pronounces she. Hard to narrow down to "one week in advance".

Use: the event in medias res and the situation to which we are heading are evaluated so diametrically that curiosity is inevitable

A girl with vibrant fuchsia hair is being tortured by guys who yell at her in Mandarin. She seems helpless and terrified under the strain. 

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