Biden, House GOP refuse to budge as key debt ceiling cut date looms

The Biden administration and Republicans at home are heading toward an initial debt ceiling deadline of Thursday without even a hint of an endgame

Both sides shrug efficiently as the Treasury branch warns that the US will hit $31. Thursday has a $4 trillion borrowing cap, though it's not a hard deadline 

But it seems the potential economic doomsday clock is officially ticking, with local Republicans still insisting on big spending cuts before they help improve the debt ceiling

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said last week that the US probably won't run out of cash or exhaust those measures until at least early June

Until then, the power postpones investments in positive government retirement funds and hopes that Republicans and Democrats in the House can reach an agreement

However, Yellen's warning to congressional leaders has not spurred any movement even for the start of an agreement between Congress and the White residence

The most important legislative conflict of the year is just beginning, and it is dangerous to become even more complicated than the 15-poll race for the presidency

Even some Republicans considered more likely to negotiate with the White House are already considering the leader's role after White House press secretary Karine

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