Christina Hall opens up about handling online complaints: 'I give myself a little time to disenchant'

In a special interview with Humans, the 39-year-old Christina on the Coast superstar opened up about dealing with haters online

"I give myself a little time to be disappointed," she found the humans, "and usually the things that annoy me are when people make forceful statements

Christina has been the subject of criticism expressing her opinion about her upbringing and the inclusion of her children in her social networks

The couple had talked about "closing the negativity" while in the afterlife together, and Josh isn't shy about defending her wife

The element is that human beings already have a preconceived perception in their head. In fact, you can show them the reality

After allowing herself to be disappointed for a short time, she says, then goes on and compiles, "I have a brilliant lifestyle and I can't focus

The ability to crack down on bullies also came with age, she says. "I think the older I get, the less I care. I'll be approaching my forties

Rather than indulge in negative feedback, the home renovation professional looks forward to impending projects she has planned

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