Clash of Clans shows rabbit show animation, releasing limited version skins and environments

In the past two years, Conflict of Clans has released exhibition films with the themes of "Chinese New Year Market" and "The Great Wall", leaving deep impressions

And again, in this year of the Rabbit, COC exhibited the excellent publicity animation especially for the Spring contest. Within the exhibition animation called "May the Rabbit Be With You Too",

the Magician and his partner Rabbit enter the magical shadow puppet stage, which integrates traditional Chinese language elements such as the year of the Rabbit and the shadow puppets

From the familiar three-dimensional animation of the conflict, this COC advertising video provided the "Magic Theater", released specifically for the Rabbit yr Spring festival. 

 At the theater level, the Wizard performed his signature magic of him and reminded his partner of him - a rabbit. Whether it is the clan conflict or the overall performance

, the rabbit has constantly accompanied the Wizard for the past ten years. So it's amazing that the rabbit also takes part in the performance during the spring parade

As the rabbit suggests, he unexpectedly jumps onto the stage curtain, with the animation style changing to a shadow play format and the start of a magic show!

An amazing and interesting shadow play guided the target audience through a magical world with the wizard and the rabbit - each environment they overlook is so friendly

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