Comedian Kelly Monteith has died at 80 years.

Monteith became an American comedian, but became known in the UK for his self-titled BBC series which ran from 1979 to 1984

He is believed to have become one of the first Americans to host a series on the bbc. Kelly Monteith's show, written with Neil Shand

He also saw the Des O'Connor exhibit, which became critical in publicizing American comedians in the UK.

The information was shown via a statement from The Anglophile Channel which read: "It is very disappointing that The Anglophile Channel

He appeared in the Royal Range performance in 1983. In 1984 he released the album Lettuce Be Cool on the Chrysalis Stats (pictured). buy it here

Comedian Bennett Arron tweeted the information: "Kelly Monteith has far surpassed! I said in an interview a few years ago that,

Tommy Cooper and my dad, he became one of my favorite comedians. He'd heard about it.

 they reached out and thanked me. It's sad that many don't recognize it. #RIPKellyMonteith" Watch Kelly Monteith in action below.

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