Consumer Gaming Alert: Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper Hit the Airwaves for CNN's New Year's Eve Show

After CNN announced that his hosts would not be eating on air during the annual New Year's Eve performance, 

 Cohen recommended that the alleged director not follow himself or Cooper's co-host. "CNN said that the correspondents will no longer consume

 Cohen told Rolling Stone. “Anderson and I will be the party humans on CNN [although] we will party responsibly,” he says.

Cohen's drunken antics in earlier New Year's Eve proclamations also led the Bravo host into an alleged "feud" with Ryan Seacrest, 

who is the website that hosts the network-exclusive Dick Clark New Year's Rockin' event. Eve. rival A.B.C

Cohen drew Seacrest's ire last year after he criticized ABC live on the air, calling it "Ryan Seacrest's bunch of losers"

 (the director's Seacrest jokingly responded, saying "I guess there's a stern reporter and then a friend of mine who has a lot of fun,

What will be celebrated this 12 months of festivities? There is an easier way to find out.

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