Craig Carton surprises FS1 studio with funny Bayless story: "You can laugh, I'm just kidding"

Fox on Fox Crime aimed at passing Bayless was once banned, but in recent weeks, children's gloves appear to have been phased out.

On Tuesday morning, newly acquired FS1 host Craig Carton made Bayless's first-ever fluffy dog pass of his tenure, even poking fun at co-host Greg Jennings

Jennings doesn't think Kevin Durant is capable of leading an NBA team with his own help. The shot surprised Carton, prompting him to make a funny 

"That's the hill you want to die on, dude, go over beforehand," Carton told the former NFL wide receiver. “You are one hot shock jock! That's what you've become

“Oh, we all stopped. You might laugh! I'm just kidding," Carton added, noting the fear that gripped the studio as nearby Fox staff flinched at the mere mention

While Carton's shaggy dog story becomes something even the pickiest of people should be able to dismiss as no big deal, it's still amazing to hear Bayless

For the most part, the hosts and Fox's suggestions have kept me from criticizing, mocking, or even talking to me about Bayless. But recently

In response to Bayless callously questioning how the NFL could delay a Monday night football game in which Hamlin went into cardiac arrest

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