LPBW's Amy Roloff Shows Off Her Own Family Dynamic Amid Roloff Farms Drama

Amy reacts. Little Humans, Big World Famous Person Amy Roloff reflected on her tense

In a teaser clip for the Tuesday, December 20, episode shared by Entertainment Tonight

"I'll admit, it's not like I'm 100 percent jumping for joy because I still think I have some emotions

and private minds behind, you know, the farm and how it's been for a long time."

past and all,” she explained, referring to her ex-husband Matt Roloff's decision not to sell part of her assets to her sons Zach Roloff or Jeremy Roloff.

Amy later confessed to Chris, 60, that she was afraid that none of the children she has with Matt

However, Chris insisted that they can still stop bringing their kids during pumpkin season.

"The farm will always be Roloff Farms," the mother of four endured in a confessional. 

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