Epic Games and Bungie team up for Fortnite and Fall Guys.

Bungie is teaming up with Epic Games for a Destiny 2 crossover with Fortnite and Fall Guys

Bungie and Epic Games create skins for Destiny 2 and Fortnite, along with gliders, pickaxes, back blings, and even a Destiny-inspired creative map for Fortnite.

Three Fortnite-inspired skins will appear in Destiny 2, and three Destiny-inspired armor ornaments will appear in Fortnite.

The Destiny 2 ornaments will be based on For tnite’sDrift, Oblivion, and Black Knight skins.

The Destiny 2 ornaments will be based on Fortnite’s Drift, Oblivion, and Black Knight skins.

Details of the collaboration originally leaked over the weekend, and it’s not the first time Bungie has added crossover content to Destiny 2.

Bungie celebrated its 30th anniversary with a special content drop that included Halo-like guns in Destiny 2.

The 30th Anniversary pack for Destiny 2, released late last year, included a Magnum-like sidearm, alongside a Battle Rifle-like pulse rifle in the looter shooter.