Does weight loss help in the treatment of arthritis?

New Delhi: Living with RA can be difficult due to persistent pain, swelling in the joints, and restricted mobility that can shorten life.

Rheumatoid arthritis develops when your immune system begins to evolve to attack your own healthy body tissues, just like any other autoimmune disease.

As the tendons and ligaments that support the joint in close proximity deteriorate

RA causes the joint to grow out of shape and out of alignment. The general public with rheumatoid arthritis is between the ages of 30 and 50

As the condition worsens, RA causes the synovium to swell and sooner or later erode the bone and cartilage that make up the joint

As the tendons and ligaments that hold the joint in place deteriorate, RA causes the joint to become misaligned and out of shape

Most people with rheumatoid arthritis are between the ages of 30 and 50, and women are said to be more prone than men.

Arthritis can put you at risk of losing weight due to decreased physical interest. Losing weight is one of the most important things your doctor

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