Drag Race stars announce GLAAD 2023 nominees with effective message against LGBTQ+ hate

Announcing the nominations in a satirical version of Drag Tale Hour on GLAAD's YouTube channel, the two queens wasted no time in addressing the recent attacks drag queens

After joking that her audience is made up of toys including Ken, Barbie and Tinky Winky, Salina quipped, “Look at us beautiful queens sharing amazing

Sasha then brought up: "but artists like us are being threatened with anti-LGBTQ payouts, nasty protests, or even violence."

"Do you realize how horrible it is?" Salina persevered, “Humans with guns, not queens with books. We will no longer allow hate or misinformation to poison

Drag performers have faced a wave of extreme hate over the past year, with periodic and violent protests outside of Story Hour events. In 2022,

GLAAD is a nonprofit media advocacy organization working to address the biggest issues facing the LGBTQ+ network, and with that comes its annual media awards.

The awards span the genres of television, film, journalism, music, comics, and more as a way to give a comprehensive assessment of the excellent queer-inclusive media

Notable LGBTQ+ artists recognized within the song class include Dove Cameron, Omar Apollo, Demi Lovato, Hayley Kiyoko, and Kim Petras.

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