Drew Barrymore surprises his nice friend and makeup artist of two decades with Home Makeover: 'My trip or Die'

Even while checking out her personal court of hers, Deb is "grateful" that Barrymore has been there for her as "the voice that lifted me up.

" During the divorce, Deb says that home preservation has been put on the back burner. As a result, it doesn't work out for her and hers her teenage son

Mikey, for whom she wants it to be "the dormitory the kids want to come to."

"This house is something that she really fought for. It was a consistency that she really wanted to keep for herself and Mikey

her son, but this house hasn't been appreciated or worked on anymore," Barrymore tells the Scott brothers. .

To shower his high-quality friend with love and help, Barrymore brings in the stars of HGTV to help turn Deb's home into a practical indoor-outdoor respite.

The talk show host arranged to wow Deb with stylish shelter, including a modern kitchen with a sleek island and plenty of necessary storage space

In a sneak peek of the episode (above), Barrymore joins the twins in giving Deb the information about the improvements to the house.

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