Egypt is on the threshold, and Netanyahu should push him

Al-Sissi is concerned that collecting crucial goods charges affecting every home in Egypt or an Israeli cover trade in the direction of the Palestinians to cause a violent

Egyptian Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly confirmed last Saturday to a meeting of senior officials in North Sinai as an accountant

He brought with him a precise list of the issues he wished to talk about: "Egypt produces 100 billion pitas per year and 275 million pitas per day on average.

The surge in cutting-edge cargo brought every other rude [Piasters] to cost. of producing a single PITA, in different words of about 10 billion Egyptian pounds per year [around $37 million

Madbouly suggested to reporters that the fee for making a single pita was sixty-five pisaters (0.65 pounds) before the Russian invasion of Ukraine

However, Egyptians who are entitled to the subsidies pay 5 simpler piesters for this pita. The proper price for a liter of diesel fuel is 12 Egyptian kilos

he said, but the real price humans pay is just 7.25 kilos. In other words, the government subsidizes the fee by 4 kilos, 

Along with his file on him, it seemed Madbouly was preparing the floor for more price hikes on fuel and pita, two essentials that plague every Egyptian family

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