Eisai Disproves NEJM File That Alzheimer's Drug Contributed To Patient's Stroke Death

Deaths in a medical trial for Eisai's Alzheimer's aid drug lecanemab are being flagged again, this time in a new Medicine Access journal

from England that highlights a potential threat to patients undergoing a type of positive for emergency treatment for stroke.

In a letter to the editor published in the NEJM Wednesday afternoon, researchers at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

The affected person aged 65 to 12 months had a common genetic risk element for Alzheimer's disease and was at an early level of cognitive decline

The affected person previously participated in the segment 3 readability advertising test, and it is now unclear whether or not she received the treatment or the placebo.

But the patient became part of the extension element and received 3 doses of lecanemab.

4 days after receiving the final infusion, the person who presented to the ER with signs of stroke and t-PA was administered

The investigators conclude that "the substantial range and variation in brain hemorrhage sizes in this patient could be rare as a t-PA difficulty associated solely 

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