Enseñar derails with passengers on line 8 Diamante in SP and generates crowding at the stations; no person was injured

A train with passengers derailed on the 8-Diamond line of ViaMobilidade this Monday afternoon (16). The car heads back to Itapevi and the prevalence occurred

"In addition to the Paese, passengers who are at the Barra Funda Station can use Line 7-Rubi to reach Lapa Station, where they can continue with Line 8-Diamante

A passenger told TV Globo that the users of the transport waiting for the train at the Barra Funda station were only informed of the incident

A passenger told TV Globo that the delivery men waiting for the train at the Barra Funda station only found out about the incident after waiting forty minutes.

Since January 2022, lines eight and nine, which previously belonged to CPTM, have been granted and are currently managed through ViaMobilidade

Due to the serious flaws in the strains, the Attorney General's Office proposed a Conduct Adjustment Term (TAC) to the organization.

The prosecution says it has enough evidence to request the suspension of the CPTM agreement in court. The TACs, however, become non-universal

the prevalence occurred in the neighborhood of Estación de Lapa, in the western neighborhood of the capital of São Paulo.

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