Evaluation made in Bengaluru: convincingly sewn with lofty goals

Made in Bengaluru talks about aspirations and setbacks that can be essential for any ambition. It also sends the message of visionary poet Willian 

"No chook flies too high if he flies on his own wing." something that has been conceived can be achieved.

Solid: Madhusudhan Govind, Anant Nag, Sai Kumar, Prakash Belawadi, Shankar Murthy, Puneeth Manja, Vamshidhar and Himanshi Varma

Suhas (Madhusudan Govind), an engineer from a middle-aged family, aims to establish a start-up company and is encouraged by Steve Jobs 

Even though everything starts out rosy, reality soon hits him hard and he is discouraged through a handful of merchants.

Ultimately, Suhas ends up borrowing Rs 25 lakhs from a gangster Mohan Reddy (Sai Kumar), in the circumstance 

Suhas and his friends launch the Greens Seasoned app, an interface between farmers and customers. Suhas soon falls in love with a new recruit,

 Nidhi (Himanshi Varma), who will be his third year in college. However, her dreams of him come crashing down.

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