Everything you need to know about the new night court on NBC

All Push Up: The Evening Court Agenda is back in session and returns to NBC with a continuation of your favorite sitcom.

The original Night Court ran for nine seasons from 1984 to 1992, focusing on the night shift of the New York municipal court docket

Collection facilities through eccentric court staff, wacky court cases, and hilarious criminal practices to no end in sight of the chosen Harry T

Stone (deceased Harry Laverne Anderson). The nightly court record became a major achievement, garnering 31 Emmy nominations and 7 wins over its nine seasons

With the resurgence of the late-night courtroom, fans of the authentic series have their eyes peeled for stats on which characters

Rather than a reboot of the original, the new night court docket will be a continuation of the original story, this time starring Harry Stone's daughter,

The episodes will follow a similar formulation to the original Night Courtroom, as Abby and her staff from her court tackle the most complicated and capricious

Many who saw the authentic late-night court file fell in love with Richard Moll in his role as Nostradamus "Bull" Shannon. Bull

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