Alaw enforcement officer and a suspect were among four people who were killed Thursday in Arizona after the officer tried serving an eviction notice, authorities said.

The constable and a complex employee were serving the notice at an apartment complex northeast of downtown Tucson when shots were fired Thursday shortly after 11 a.m., Gradillas said.

Authorities were investigating the incident and additional details were not immediately available, Gradillas said.

In a statement, Sharon Bronson, the top official on the local board of supervisors said that constables "perform a difficult and important job for the people of this county.

They often encounter people at their most vulnerable and emotional, yet all perform their duties with professionalism and compassion.

"I am heartbroken at this terrible tragedy and I will keep Constable Martinez and all who knew and loved her in my thoughts," Bronson said.

Tucson Police Sgt. Richard Gradillas identified the officer in a statement as Pima County Constable Deborah Martinez-Garibay, 43.

He did not identify the suspect or the two other people killed

The gunman, his neighbor and the manager of his apartment complex also died, authorities said.