Four regulations I hope to put into effect in 2023 to disassociate myself from technology

As a technology journalist, I often worry that devices—a smartphone or a shiny new watch—will take up every inch of my area 

For the past 3 years, I have determined myself constantly scrolling and ingesting content material and can't read a book.

Frankly, I'm a bit exhausted from all the technology around me. But in 2022, 

 I made a few changes and switched to reading good old paperbacks as I sought to control my screen time.

To some extent, I prevailed. I managed to read the maximum range of books, 10 unusual titles,

 a slight shadow of what I used to ever be able to. But still, there are thousands to go before I feel like I honestly own my gadgets 

 not the other way around. So, in 2023, I expect to put four new tech regulations into effect in my regular usual, and here they are.

This rule has already been around, and I intend to enforce it more strictly in 2023

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