Further down in My Day, Scooby-Doo suggests Had Scooby-Doo in Them

HBO Max dropped the first episode of Mindy Kaling's new adult animated show Velma, which reimagines the Scooby-Doo characters as college students

the internet is predictably in the hands of the "woke" rebranding of the thriller Inc. Let me be (not even close to) the first person to say

I don't care if Shaggy is black or Velma is brown or Daphne is almost naked in a single scene or if Fred is played through anti-vaccination or whatever

Let's be real: I'm not going to watch this show and neither are you, unless you're genuinely into it or a YouTuber who does 

Now, despite criticizing humans who complain about a show they won't watch anymore and who won't perfectly film the characters in their youth,

let me get to the real unfairness of this show. Since the fact back in my day... Scooby Doo indicates that they had Scooby Doo in them.

Waking up long gone too ???????? Yes, you heard that right, the new Scooby Doo screen doesn't consist of the canine-talking headline

So why did they do that? Well, at a panel on Big Apple Comedian Con this year, screen executive producer Charlie Grandy explained

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