Gardening can also help reduce the risk of most cancers and increase mental fitness.

Funded by the Yank Cancer Society, the first randomized controlled trial of community gardening found that those who started gardening ate

 recognized ways to reduce the risk of most cancers and chronic diseases. In addition, they noticed that their tension and stress levels decreased drastically.

“These findings provide concrete proof that network gardening should play a crucial role in preventing most cancers

Litt has spent much of her career finding affordable, scalable, and sustainable ways to reduce disease risk, primarily among low-income groups.

"Regardless of where you move, humans say there's something like gardening that makes them feel better,"

However, solid technology in its benefits is difficult to recover. Without proof, it's hard to get help for new programs, she said.

Some small observational studies have found that people who garden generally tend to eat more fruits and vegetables and have a healthier weight

The three most effective investigations have applied the golden fashion of scientific investigation, the randomized controlled trial

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