Georgia Chick-fil-a-Peach Bowl Buckeyes Tween Predictions

It's New Year's Eve and downtown Atlanta is ready to ring in the new year with an Ohio Country vs. Georgia 

 the college football playoff at the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl. All the talk, review, cuts and storytelling 

 of this matchup can now come to an end and we can get the ball on its way to kick off at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

. Every week during college football season, when we here at Buckeyes Wire divulge things a bit, 

 we like to dismiss the hope that OSU's game of the week is over and we won't stop after the season.

Phil, Mark, Josh, and our new producer, Michael Chen, talk about who will win this college football playoff semifinal and why.

I'm sure the Ohio Nation will come out. Centered and Oscillated. The group has listened to all the detractors and there is great satisfaction 

 talent in photographing and interpreting the frame. The Buckeyes are becoming an opportunity many no longer have .