Google is asking Apple to fix the text messaging issues between Android devices and iPhones.

Consumers have complained about the difference in messaging services between different smartphone platforms.

The platforms aren't compatible, text messages between iPhones and Androids revert to regular, outdated text messages.

Different types of devices have different colors for text bubbles, which can be confusing when messages are sent between different types of devices.

Google charges that messages between Android and Apple phones are turned into outdated SMS and MMS texts.

Google is campaigning for Apple to update their texting standards to be more compatible with Android phones.

Business Insider published an article about how Google's "Apple should fix what's broken" website went live.

Google suggests that Apple adopt RCS so that messages between Android and Apple smartphones would look better and be encrypted.

Google is promoting its RCS messaging service as an alternative to other messaging platforms.

Apple could increase interoperability between Android and iOS devices, but it may not be in the company's best interests.