Governor DeSantis refreshes my memory Letters

Every time I hear Governor Ron DeSantis say, I can't help but think that he brought back some other southern governor from beyond

Alabama's George Wallace. In his inauguration speech in 1963, Wallace proclaimed: “Within the call of the greatest humans to ever walk this earth

 I draw the line in the dust and throw down the gauntlet before the foot of tyranny, and I say segregation now, segregation the next day, segregation all the time

 DeSantis sounds similar when he says over and over, "Florida is where the awakening goes to die." both vowed to fight the modern wave of the time.

DeSantis, like Wallace, also pulls political stunts to get the attention of the entire country. Wallace stood in the doorway of the University 

DeSantis's choices on immigrants and Democratic officials like Hillsborough County State's Attorney Andrew Warren. Wallace also wanted to be president,

I would really like to remind the author of the letter that not all "real people" accept God as true. No longer all believers worship in the same way

I am a senior who frequently bikes on the Northdale trail. More and more frequently, I come across boastful dog owners who ignore the leash rule

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