'Groundbreaking' autism test detects disease in single strand of hair

Scientists are humming over new technology that would help diagnose autism in children sooner than ever.

Mainly based in the Big Apple, LinusBio has created a test that analyzes a single strand of hair for levels of lead and aluminum

The researchers put the technology to test in a recent study, using hair samples collected from 486 children in Japan

 Sweden and the United States. It was shown that, as it should be, it predicts the disorder 81% of the time.

“We can locate the clear rhythm of autism with almost 1 centimeter of hair,” LinusBio co-founder Manish Arora excitedly told NBC in a recent interview.

Currently, an autistic child is recognized at around 4 years of age. The agency is hopeful that it can catch autism early,

Even the Food and Drug Administration has categorized the test as a "leap forward," a designation that is supposed to speed up a system 

“The generation is hugely new. Using the hair and the kind of measurements they're doing with the hair is groundbreaking,

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