Marina Smith's funeral attendees were surprised when her body suddenly started moving.

A new AI-powered "holographic" video technology allowed Smith to make a surprise virtual appearance at her own funeral ceremony.

AI tool called StoryFile enables funeral attendees to interact in a real conversation with the deceased's son.

The beloved mother and grandmother was always helping others.

A woman who recently died recorded hours of footage about her life, which was unknown to her mourners.

The son's technology used 20 cameras to film her answering questions, and his tool was able to create a digital clone of Smith.

A technology was used to create the illusion of a real-time conversation with the late Holocaust educator.

StoryFile is a website that shares powerful stories from Holocaust survivors.

They company has expanded beyond funeral services to include historical figures and interactive videos.

StoryFile is a service that allows users to store and share stories.

For $47, you can buy a unique experience that will create a lasting memory for your loved ones.

Smith and her husband were known for their work in helping others.