Here is everything I did to get the popularity of American airways Platinum

My adventure with elite airline fame has evolved rapidly throughout my time as a travel reporter at TPG.

After first joining TPG in June 2021, achieving the reputation of an elite entry-level airline seemed like an impossible hurdle for someone like me;

I didn't have a co-branded airline credit score card and I was traveling erratically, particularly compared to my colleagues, some of whom fly weekly.

Therefore, he knew that he would not gain popularity by spending with a credit card or traveling alone. Instead, you would have to strategically build your reputation and look for more innovative and better ways to make contributions. 

For me, it came down to flying steady domestic flights, with a few long-haul flights sprinkled in;

 I also made it a priority to stay in Hyatt homes while traveling and intermittently shop online through the AA shopping portal whenever possible.

Here's how I earned the AAdvantage reputation of US mid-tier airlines, and how you can follow the procedures below for your own US airline status dreams.

Considering the fact that I became an AAdvantage member on July 15, 2021, I flew on 17 American Airlines flights and earned loyalty points on all but two, which I used award miles to book.

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