How safe and powerful are brain health apps? (Relay)The entry mechanism could also play a role in disease progression.

Moving ahead this week, we delve into the challenges people face trying to break into mental health care.

The pandemic triggered a spike of despair and anxiety and quickly strained our already fragile device. While many struggled to find care,

At the start of the pandemic, businesses like better help, and Talkspaces saw its downloads nearly double. 

But some fitness professionals are raising concerns about privacy and comfort

A latest Mozilla report noted that 28 out of 32 repair apps are leveraging user logs.

 The Cerebral app is currently under investigation for possible violations of the Controlled Materials Act.

Are intellectual fitness apps hackers with watered-down care, or are they a safety net for those in need?

The FDA knows that there is a need for substantive and supportive programs/digital therapies for behavioral health

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