How to attend the Paulista Championship ao vivo e de graça?

Considered the most competitive state in Brazil, the Paulista Championship begins this Saturday the 14th. The tournament has as favorites Palmeiras

The competition with sixteen teams will repeat the transmission formula of last year, with live matches on YouTube without the custody of the tocedor

The platform will show the games, in association with the Federação Paulista de Futebol and LiveMode, of all the tournaments and will have exclusive content before

To narrate two games, the narrators Luís Felipe Freitas, from Cazé television, and Chico Pedrotti, from Canal Desimpedidos, enter the pitch

Also participating in the broadcasts are Alê Xavier, Milene Domingues, Jackson Follman, Souza and the reporters André Hernan, Jackson Pinheiro and Bianca Molina

The first match to be broadcast on the Paulistão channel on YouTube will be Santos x Mirassol, next Saturday, January 14, with a preview starting at 7:30 p.m

This year, the broadcasts on YouTube will have a third audio option: the user will be able to choose audio options to attend the game, counting on important audio

For the first phase, the 12-round matches that will be broadcast on YouTube are defined. Among them, great classics of São Paulo football

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