Huawei says it's the company's low back; Should Samsung get involved?

A few days ago, Huawei announced that its revenue this fall 2022 would be around CNY 191 billion (about US$27.4 billion),

representing a growth of 7.2% compared to last year. According to the Bloomberg file, Huawei's sales for the full year were around CNY 636.9 billion

 (about $92.3 billion), slightly more than in 2021. So how did it win this despite slowing sales? phone sales anywhere but China?

Well, the organization opened up alternative sources of income, which include the sale of patents. It also bought generation

offers to more moderate clients, including automakers, mining companies and business parks. It even began collecting royalties from patents from Apple

Samsung, and other corporations. According to Alan Fan, Huawei's global head of IP, the Chinese company signed

He informs the country that Huawei has spent the last three years gaining knowledge, growing and acquiring technology 

The organization even showed that it has taken a step forward in the EUV lithography system with the administration 

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