I am a beauty professional and I have decided the best way to tan my face, but humans are surprised when I tell them my tricks.

WITH humid, bloodless nights here to stay for a while longer, many of us are looking for ways to maintain our tan at home.

Thankfully, now a beauty pro has shared her secret with her, and you won't have to spend hours tanning.

Fans loved the beauty expert's advice, and the video garnered more than 9,200 likes and 131,000 views. Sasha, known online as @sashct

In a new video, she shared that she uses L'Oreal Men Expert Hydra active healthy looking tinted gel, priced at £11.99, to give her skin a healthy glow.

“They're definitely perfect for underlay makeup because they make your skin sticky like a primer, and they give you such a nice tan.

“It smells very masculine, so if you don't really like that smell, you know the smell of masculine deodorant. In a way it smells like that.

The lovers appreciated the advice of the beauty expert, and the video gained more than nine, two hundred likes and 131,000 views.

In her comments, Sasha's fans raved about her finding of her, writing: "Oo you're about to start a new style."

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