If you invested $25,000 in AbbVie in 2020, that's what you'd have these days

AbbVie (ABBV 0.Thirteen%) is a blue-chip healthcare employer that is actually worth nearly $290 billion. 

It has a diverse business enterprise that generates sales from many distinctive areas of healing.

Its bread and butter is the immune drug Humira, which has already posted a whopping $15.7 billion

But Humira has been both its best product and the trading company's biggest fear offering, as buyers have been dragged into its patent hold and loss of exclusivity

 AbbVie bought Botox maker Allergan in 2020 for a whopping $63 billion. This is how you would have done it if you had sold the shares after closing the deal.

It's been more than years since AbbVie completed what's known as a "transformational acquisition" of the Botox maker in 2020.

The deal changed AbbVie, giving it a new cosmetic phase that can help add substantial growth opportunities. At the time the deal closed, AbbVie

shares closed at $83,996. In that role, making a $25,000 investment in the health care company would have allowed him to buy about 298 shares.

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