"I'm a radiologist, and this is how to prepare for a mammogram and what to expect at your appointment"

Chirag Parghi, MD, a radiologist and medical director at Solis Mammography, is aware of the stress involved in the current mammography process

He knows that it can be uncomfortable and that the consequences of having to go through a system are often associated with the possibility

the best thing she can do for her health is to have an annual mammogram,” says Dr. Parghi

The benefit of detecting most cancers early far outweighs the frustrations and anxiety associated with pain.

It can also help to know how to prepare for a mammogram and what to expect at your mammogram appointment to alleviate any concerns.

A mammogram, or screening mammogram, is an X-ray exam that can detect early signs of breast cancer. Today, there are types of mammograms available:

second mammograms, which take X-ray images of the front and sides of the breasts; and 3-D mammograms, which capture photos from multiple angles.

According to a study published in the journal Radiology, it was established that 3D mammograms produce fewer false positives and are more effective 

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