In charts: Google searches roughly assess pandemic years in India

Google is a noun, a verb and a portal. The key phrases we type out of curiosity are direct confessions of our insecurities

 In the three years beginning in 2020, as the Covid-19 pandemic took hold of our lives, many of us came to ask ourselves questions like

The global reality of living through the years of the pandemic had a shared vocabulary. Phrases like lockdown

quarantine, asymptomatic, social distancing were googled and quickly adapted to the behaviors.

Google aggregates search features by time and neighborhood, and offers a yearly summary.

Those searches highlighted the most movies, recipes, people, and events, as well as the most common questions

Google search developments are indexed to one hundred, where one hundred is the maximum search pastime within the term 

The realization that "human beings from time to time don't query Google very much but talk confidently" makes the search engine a splendid source of information,

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