Insecticide-proof mutant mosquitoes could soon become a problem in Asia, too

Scientists have discovered that some breeds of mosquitoes vulnerable to carrying and transmitting viruses such as dengue have mutated and become resistant

Experts have been aware of the nuisance of insecticide-resistant mosquitoes for years, but it's now clear that the problem is more urgent than originally expected.

This was determined with the help of Japanese researchers studying mosquito species in Asia and Ghana, and some of these mosquitoes showed much better

For example, some mosquitoes have developed some level of immunity against pyrethroid-based chemicals such as permethrin or pyrethrin

Since this exact species can transmit diseases like dengue fever, Zika fever, chikungunya, and mayaro, among others, its resistance to pesticides could prove quite difficult

On the other hand, there were other mosquito species that showed lower levels of resistance, although these were found to be types that fed outdoors

This has determined something annoying, but: in the future, the modern techniques we use to combat the spread of airborne mosquitoes may no longer be effective,

The methods discussed advocated developing vaccines or formulating even more chemicals to fight mosquitoes, and the idea of rotating chemicals

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