For many Americans, the only financial goal as of late has been staying afloat. As many as 78% of Americans report they earn just enough money to pay their bills each month.

So how does one get off the hamster wheel? You start looking for other financial opportunities like investing.

Investing isn't complicated. But I'm not going to sugarcoat it and tell you that by reading one article you'll be ready to buy your first stock – although you could.

After the meteoric rise of GameStop stock two weeks ago, new investors took to the market in hopes of making enough money to pay down debt.

Like most big financial decisions in your life, investing requires careful consideration and setting some time aside to learn the basics before dipping your toe in the water.

'The only option to grow your money':Why new investors bought stock during the pandemic.

When talking to my peers who are not in the market, one thing kept coming up: Who do I go to for help?

Robinhood recently made its mark by causing a market disruption powered by individual investors betting on stocks likeGameStop, AMC and Blackbery.

Similar, to Acorns, Stash and Invstr, these investing apps are making the process more accessible to women, minorities and all individuals.