"Isn't Shaq a pain?": The WNBA legend strikes a chord that leads to Charles Barkley's hilarious cause of putting up with Shaquille O'Neal

Lakers legend Shaquille O'Neal is arguably one of the most dominant NBA players to ever play in NBA records. Shaq's call often appears on the list

The massive guy has persevered on his presence in the NBA world even after his retirement through his game analysis and podcasts

Most notably, the pleasant banter between Shaq and Charles Barkley throughout the NBA broadcast on TNT is a fan favorite. Like Shaq's rival teams in the NBA

his co-panelists in the exhibition find it hard to place themselves with the massive Diesel. Consequently, in a recent podcast

Barkley and Shaq recently signed a huge deal with the broadcasting corporation for their continued appearance on the show. In addition to game review

the duo have their own weekly podcasts that feature specific guests each week, on the current episode of Barkley's podcast, WNBA legend Candace Parker agreed

On the recent episode of The Steam Room podcast, WNBA celebrity Candace Parker joined Ernie Johnson and Barkley for a candid chat. During the call

Johnson asked Parker about his appearance on Tuesday's live NBA show on TNT. Parker appeared on Tuesday's show alongside Shaq and Jamal Crawford

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