Janet Hommel Mangas: New resolutions for 12 months… maybe

 I can swing my kettlebell 500, 300, or at least 100 times a day. Or three instances in step with the week. Or maximum really 

I can stop launching the "share my region" phone feature and ask my kids if they're having fun at their live performance,

 I will no longer torment my grandson by taking endless creative shots of him in various wardrobe settings, hats,

 sunglasses, even though we all understand that this grandmother/grandson season has an exceptionally quick window of possibility.

I imagine by the time he's 18 or maybe even 10, he'll have his own opinions about going to Grandma's to play.

I can try not to bang ferociously on my bay window to scare away the scrappy common grackles and flocks of starlings that swarm near my bird 

Never again can I open the door and yell "get out, you bugger!" particularly because once I do,

it reminds me that as I age extraordinarily well, I'm also becoming more like Granny Clampitt from "Beverly Hillbillies."

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