On the 44th anniversary of the birth of NBA legend Kobe Bryant, an attorney for his widow.

Vanessa, asked a jury in federal court here Tuesday to deliver justice on behalf of him and his daughter more than two years after their deaths.

This was the 10th day of Vanessa Bryant’s civil trial against Los Angeles County,

Another day of tears for her and the final day of testimony after hearing from dozens of witnesses.

It was also the first day of closing arguments and the first time an attorney in the case put a dollar amount.

He wants the jury to award Bryant and Chris Chester, her fellow plaintiff at this trial: $75 million.

Chester’s attorney, Jerome Jackson, asked for up to $2.5 million each for their past 2.5 years of emotional distress.

“When I reach this point of closing arguments, I’m usually anxious about not asking for too much,” Jackson told the jury in closing arguments.

“I don’t have that anxiety today, because I will tell you ladies and gentlemen, you can’t award too much money for what they went through.