Kantara, a KGF Hombale film producer to invest Rs. 3 billion rupees in entertainment companies for the next 5 years

Speakme to PTI, Vijay Kiragandur, founder of Hombale films, said, “We intend to invest Rs 3000 crore

"It will be a mix of stories. Every year there will be five or six movies and one event movie

 From now on, we have plans to make movies in all the southern languages," Kiragandur said.

The manufacturer similarly added that the goal is to reach a broader target market with rooted stories. 

“We need to do something that appeals to the global target market, but we need to ingrain it into our culture and way of life.

We want to leave something behind for the younger generation. 

Hombale's film partner Chaluve Gowda stated that they have Bollywood writers who are writing scripts for them.

Without divulging any information or who these writers are, he said that they are working with a couple of writers

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