Kings Mountain to host Martin Luther King event

To honor the memory of the Rev. Martin Luther King, the Mauney Memorial Library and the City of Kings Mountain will bring a famous traveling theater to perform

The guest speaker for the event could be WBTV's Emmy-winning journalist Steve Crump. Tune could be provided by Henry Gilmore III.

Crump is best known for his regional Emmy Awards for testimony ranging from apartheid in South Africa to civil rights in the American South.

He has also won a few other awards, including four Headliner Awards across the country, the Gabriel Award, and more than a dozen first-place awards from the national association

In 2016, Crump was named the "2016 Journalist of the Year" with the help of the National Black Hound Association.

Beginning a television career in 1980, Crump has worked at news stations in Florida, Kentucky and Michigan, as well as an independent maker for Charlotte's

"Meet Dr. King" is an introduction to the existence and work of one of the most influential men in the United States

This exhibit is suitable for younger audiences and serves to introduce college students to essential principles of black history such as freedom,

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