Kirby Smart Information Humorous Text Switch With Mark Richt Before National Title Sport

Los Angeles: Georgia manager Kirby Smart has a completely different relationship with the man-who-changed, Mark Richt,

since Smart became an assistant at Georgia under Richt again in 2005. Clever shared after the team's national sports victory Monday that reached

Smart made sure to congratulate Richt following Georgia's 65-7 win over TCU given the advance information Monday that Richt was selected

At the time, Smart shared that he had sent Richt a text to congratulate him, at which point Richt gave him a quick

“I'd like to congratulate Coach Richt, who was voted into the College Football Hall of Reputation today, I guess. I texted him earlier

 I'm so happy for him," Smart said during his postgame press conference. "He texted me right away

Monday already makes for a big day for Richt given the news that he's shielded among four former coaches and 18 players

“It is humbling to be included in the 2023 College Football Reputation of Elegance running back! Thank you to all of my assistant coaches

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